Starfighter, la novellisation de 1984Feu orange livre / BD

The Last Starfighter (1984)
Traduction du titre original : Le dernier combattant des étoiles.

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Sorti aux USA en juin 1984 chez BERCKLEY BOOKS (poche).
Sorti en France en 1985 chez GP (Collection rouge et or, broché grand format, traduction de Josie Fanon).

De Alan Dean Foster, d'après le film The Last Starfighter (1984), scénario de Jonathan Bethuel.

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Starfighter, la novellisation de 1984


(Texte original)


The Xurian ship exploded in a blaze of flame, which was beginning to dissipate even as Alex drove his gunstar through the expanding globe of hot gas and vaporized metal. They were homing in on him now and he was forced to work twice as hard to dodge their attacks.

If the battle pattern held to form there ought to be a cluster of Ko-Dan fighters gathering for a flanking attack off in the fourth quadrant. He pressed on with his own assault, relentless in his pursuit of the Ko-Dan command ship, clearing one wave after another of the attacking enemy from the battle screen.

There they came! A host of them diving in on him from the side. But he was ready for them. The Ko-Dan were valiant fighters, and they came at you in unending waves, but if your reflexes were sharp enough you could out-maneuver them. Alex did so now, twisting a path through the assault as the attacking craft struggled frantically to regroup in his wake.

Too late for them now, he thought grimly. His fingers were tense on the gunstar’s controls and he kept his eyes riveted to the battle screen, not allowing his gaze to drift right or left. The screen was all he needed; plenty of power left, and all his weapons still functioned. But the Ko-Dan were crafty. Just when you thought you’d slipped them, another wave of fighters would appear and begin their attack.

But he was through them now, through them all, and his main target lay directly ahead.

“Approaching Ko-Dan Command Craft,” his computer announced eveply. “Prepare for final confrontation.”


(Traduction de Josie Fanon)


La nuée ardente produite par l'explosion du vaisseau spatial xurien se dissipait progressivement. Alex fit manœuvrer son Canon des Étoiles à travers la sphère de gaz brûlant et de métal incandescent.

Ils revenaient à l'assaut. Il dut mettre toute la gomme pour leur échapper. Si la bataille classique avait lieu, un groupe de guerriers Ko-Dan se rassemblerait dans le quatrième quadrant et l'attaquerait sur son flanc. Il garda le cap, poursuivant sans relâche le vaisseau amiral Ko-Dan et mettant hors de combat, les unes après les autres, les vagues d'agresseurs ennemis qui disparurent de l'écran.