Elle, le roman de R. Rider Haggard

She, A History Of Adventure (1886)
Traduction du titre original : Elle, un récit d'aventure.
Autres titres : La cité sous la montagne, la déesse de feu, la source de feu.

Sorti en Angleterre à partir du 2 octobre 1886 dans THE GRAPHIC UK.
Sorti en Angleterre en 1887 chez LONGMANS UK.
Sorti en France en 1898.
Sorti en France en 1920 chez L’ÉDITION FRANÇAISE ILLUSTRÉE FR (traduction de G. Labouchère, illustration de Quint).
Sorti en France en 1952 chez HACHETTE JEUNESSE FR (traduction de Jacques Hillermacher).
Sorti en France en 1969 chez MARABOUT FR (traduction de Michel Bernard)
Sorti en France en 2006 chez TERRE DE BRUMES (traduction deJacques Hillermacher et Cécile Desthuilliers)

De Henry Rider Haggard.

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Elle, le roman de 1886 




(texte original)

Chapter I: My Visitor

There are some events of which each circumstance and surrounding detail seems to be graven on the memory in such fashion that we cannot forget it, and so it is with the scene that I am about to describe. It rises as clearly before my mind at this moment as thought it had happened but yesterday.

It was in this very month something over twenty years ago that I, Ludwig Horace Holly, was sitting one night in my rooms at Cambridge, grinding away at some mathematical work, I forget what. I was to go up for my fellowship within a week, and was expected by my tutor and my college generally to distinguish myself. At last, wearied out, I flung my book down, and, going to the mantelpiece, took down a pipe and filled it. There was a candle burning on the mantelpiece, and a long, narrow glass at the back of it; and as I was in the act of lighting the pipe I caught sight of my own countenance in the glass, and paused to reflect. The lighted match burnt away till it scorched my fingers, forcing me to drop it; but still I stood and stared at myself in the glass, and reflected.

"Well," I said aloud, at last, "it is to be hoped that I shall be able to do something with the inside of my head, for I shall certainly never do anything by the help of the outside."


(traduction de Michel Bernard)


Un visiteur

IL est des événements dont chaque circonstance, chaque détail semblent si bien gravés dans la mémoire qu'on ne saurait les oublier...